Possible to apply condition for Special List?

Possible to apply condition for Special List?

I have a Combobox.In that Combobox i want to show Static Value.So i added the Special List.But in One case no need to show that Value.Is there any way to check the Condition for these.
Hello, Devaraj

I found no way of doing that directly. So, my suggestion is to create an "If" condition on the Web Screen with two comboboxes, one with the static value, and the other without it. Configure the "If" block with the condition you need and that should do the trick.

I'm not sure this is the only way, but I believe it is possible.
Hello Devaraj,

It's not possible to apply conditions for a special list defined on a ComboBox.
Instead of using special list you need to use a local list, and change it for the cases that you have.

I hope that helps

Hugo Pinheiro