How to bootstrap to an entitiy with a foreign identifier as entity identifier

Although there are many solutions about this topic, They aren't exactly helpful with my particular version of this problem:

I have an Entity named "Applicants" (with attributes such as: ID,Source,Notes,Owner,CV,ect.) and in a different module an Entity named "Contacts" (with attributes such as: First name, Last name, Family status, ect.)

The Applicants' IDs in this Entity should be the same as it's record in the "Contacts" Entity (for instance - George is a new applicant, he has a record in "Contacts" with his personal info, ID num 203, and a record in "Applicants" with his applicant info, ID num 203 as well).

So just to be clear, when an applicant is created, first a contact is created, that contacts' ID is assigned, and then a new Applicant, with the newly created ContactID number, is created.

I took a list of the existing applicants, and created contacts for them. I downloaded the current Applicants list as an excel, and changed their IDs to the new IDs. I want to bootstrap this new excel as the applicants entity.

sadly i'm having problems with this:

1. If i bootstrap to the entity with the identifier type as "contactsID identifier": the bootsrap action fails and there are "No records to show" (pictures added below)

2. If i bootstrap to the entity when the identifier is set to "Long Integer", the data bootstraps normaly, but then I have to change the entity's identifier to type "Contacts Identifier", once i try to publish i get this error: 

Database Upgrade Error - Column 'OSUSR_0AE_SHEET1.ID' exists in database as Long Integer (Autonumber) but the new version is defined as Long Integer (BIGINT). Database Autonumber columns can not be changed.

3. trying to trick the system by manually setting up the entity / using this bootstraping trick to assign specifically the ID from a different source - doesn't work.

would love to hear some ideas as to how i can overcome this, any help will be apreciated 

here if there are any questions


Hi CincoMariposas,

Hope you are doing well.

Please check this documentation. There is perfect solution for such problems.

Before assignment statement fetch data from Contact Entity by Id that is in your spreadsheet and then use that  fetched data in assignment node to update manually Applicant Id with Contact identifier. 

Another alternative possible way. 

Use function IntegerToIdentifer() function to convert value of Ids of spreadsheet during assignment node at foreach loop. Now Applicant Id can be assigned with converted spreadsheet id. But It is  somewhat risky In case if any spreadsheet id  didn't  exist in Contact Entity.

Hope this may help.



Thanks for the answers, your first solution is similar to what didn't work in my instance (option 3) but your alternative solution worked like a charm.


You're welcome, I'm glad , It helped.

Thanks and Regards,

Rahul kr. 

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