[HTML2PDF] What is the max amount of pages, that you can convert at one time?
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We have been using the older version of this module (html2pdf converter), and we came across a 30 page limit when converting to pdfs. Has this changed in the new version of the module?
If not, is there a viable work around for this problem?

Not certain about any actual page limits however depending on the makeup of your pdf you can generate multiple smaller PDF's and merge them into one using the PDF Sharp Forge component. We do this where the user wants a single large document for printing that's actually made up of several different, for example where they want to print off a batch of invoices.

Hi Michal,

There's no limit in terms of pages neither in this version neither in the previous one. Why do you think/say that there's a limit?

Hi Miguel,

I'm having the same issue. I supposed to generate a pdf with 40 pages but it cant. I have 2 tables for fetching the data. I tried using 1 table only at a time and it works fine but if I use 2 tables at the same time, the browser cant load the pdf.

I'm using the advance service action, do I need to do some configurations on pdfoptions params?



Hi Miguel,

Tried the demo URL of this forge component with this link https://eztv.re/showlist/

Also encountered a timeout and did not generate the pdf.

For your information please.



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