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We are working on a OutSystems mobile application which is full screen end to end. In order to get the transparent status bar in full screen app we Applied the following property in  extensibility configurations (as mentioned in documentation)











Problem: We are getting full screen by the above property but on white screen background status bar icons and texts are not visible specifically for Android devices. 

Note: We have checked and our Outsystems UI is updated as well. 

I am attaching 2 screenshots of Android mobile app

  1. First where background is blue and white status bar text is visible
  2. Second where background is white and white status bar text is not visible 

I am also attaching a screenshot of same OutSystems iOS mobile app where white status bar text is automatically changed to black when the background is white to contrast it.  

Please suggest.



I think you must specify the following properties in  extensibility configurations:

The StatusBarStyle property defines the style of the status bar style. You can see more information in

The behaviour in Android and IOS is different if you don't specify explicitly the StatusBarStyle property.

Kind regards, David.

Vikas did you find a solution to this?

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