Error in Publishing extensions

Error in Publishing extensions

When publishing or replublsihing extensions, even without making any changes to prior published extesions I get the following error:

Invalid Extension Implementation

There was an error validating the extension: System.ArgumentException: Unknown datatype btJvtSZGKw2kq1qbHxVa_80Q
  at OutSystems.HubEdition.ServerCommon.Extensions.ExtensionValidator.#ex(String type, String recordType, String extensionName, XElement extensionXml, TypeMapper mapper)
  at OutSystems.HubEdition.ServerCommon.Extensions.ExtensionValidator.CheckExtensionConsistency(String temporaryXIFPath, String temporaryResourcesDirPath, String compoundTypesXml)

Using last version,

Any Help?
Hi Orlando,

That would sound like a bug. Are you using both Integration Studio AND Platform Server version If so, do report it to our support directly through Integration Studio.

What you may try as a workaround is to publish the Extension through Service Center. Let us know if that works.


Paulo Tavares
Yes, both are the same version.
Same error in Service Center.
Some (not all) of "Old" extensions publish with no problems, some not.
Trying to find out whats different but so far... cannot identify the source of the problem.
Will place the problem to OutSystems.
Found out the error.
It was coming from the SQLServer, a wrong foreign key definition.
Downloaded a previous working version and started making the same changes, testing at every change. and it showed up at last !
Thanks for your time and help
Oh, nasty.

I'm glad to hear all is now well.

Regards, and good work!

Paulo Tavares