Whether push notification and numbered badge display are possible - PWA/ iOS
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Hello All,

I'm new to outsystems, I would like to know if we can use push notification and numbered badge display on iOS when building PWA.

Specific goal as follows:

A, who specify a Sent To destination include @mentions
PN is to be sent to B's mobile device.

Regarding notification, you can see a numbered badge display for mentions, number of unread count are displayed.


Is that conceivable?

I hope to hear from you.



Hi Asami,

In PWA, Safari doesn't support push notification. So regardless you are using OutSystems or other technology, that is not applicable at the moment. You can do it manually by fetching the notifications from an entity (which you stored the messages inside) when the user opens the application every time. Then if there is any new notification you show the badge.

Best Regards,


Hi Hasan,

I really appreciate your kind reply and thank you for sharing your knowledge with me.

So you are saying push notifications and badge will not be displayed unless the user open the app?

When you manually implement, can't you implement in the same way as normal  push notification or badge?

Best regards,


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