I need help to get the list of printers installed on client

I need get the list of printers installed on client! 
Someone can help me in this question?
I think that must use IntegrationStudio for this!
What do you think?
Hi Mauro,

I am afraid that we can't help you by native way (with some Built In function) for a simple reason: Printers are "client side information".
But, since I'm not a ASP.NET or Java expert... maybe it's possible with extension...
Rafael Pereira
Hello, Mauro

I found someone with the same doubt as yours (for ASP .NET) here.
But, as said in that post, the only way to get to the client's printers is using an ActiveX control.. Which I strongly recommend you to avoid (It would only work on IE, has security issues, etc..).
Can you tell us what you are trying to achieve?