[Air Date Picker] Empty values are submitted if they were typed in stead of using the popup picker
Forge component by Rebecca Hall
Application Type
Traditional Web

Hi there. 

This component is really handy in situations where I need users to select only a month.

I used it on one of our systems but found out later that if users type in a value on the selection boxes instead of picking it from the picker, the value that they typed is not submitted. I tested this on the demo app that goes together with the air picker and it does the same thing. I'm assuming that the event receivers are somehow broken when the air picker attaches to the form inputs.

Does anybody know how I can resolve this issue?

I've attached a sample app that demonstrates the behaviour. If you type in for instance "2021-04" on one of the fields and click the submit button, the value is not picked up by OutSystems, but if you select a date from the picker and submit, it works.


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