Reactive Web How to carry out check record id before open page

Hi all,

I want to check if that record exists by id. 

In case it does not exist(user tries to enter invalid id on the url) I will redirect to InvalidPermission Page.

But in InvalidPermission Page, the "Go Back" button cannot work because it redirect to  the url with invalid id then still display InvalidPermission Page.

So what's the correct way to check record id before open page?


Hello Hung 

The Example with Screenshot I am sharing is of Mobile Screen but same you can use in reactive too. You can show the results and error on the same page using below condition and the Widgets I have shared in Right side. 

So, if the screen will have ID, it will display the results else there will be error that you can define in BlankSlat Widget. 

In this case when someone open this page, it will check the valid ID first and open details accordingly. In my opinion, it should work fine in the back case too. 

Please try once. If didn't work, I will try to build OML for reactive and share with you later today. 

Hi Manish,

That's exactly what I'm doing. But I still feel it is not the best way.

Thanks for sharing!

Can you share the OML? It will help me to try quickly and find the solution.

I used if condition to show valid and invalid screen.

Same as your solution

See, I have created the workaround and it seems working fine.

1. Click on any Name, It will open the Detail Page.

2. Then either click on ProductDetail in Menu it will show 404 as there is no ID

3. Then click back and it will show the old result. 


Your solution worked and that's exactly what I'm doing.

I'm asking for other solution because i think it's not the best.

anyway, thank you so much!

Hello Hung

Please feel free to describe what exactly you are looking additional to this solution. Is there any specific use case where this solution is not aligned? So, we can help you with that too. 

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