[XML Records] Issue with recurring XML elements in different parts of the message
Forge component by Afonso Carvalho
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When I try to parse the attached xml file then there seems to be an issue with the Attachment element. It migth have something to do with the exact name being in two parts of the file (Order.Attachment and Order.OrderLine.Attachment). When there is no Order.OrderLine.Attachment then the items from Order.Attachment are added to that node. Does anyone else know of this issue? Is there a way to fix this?

Current XmlToRecordList settings:

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I see the extension of the file that I added is incorrect. The correct one can be found here.


Hello @Funs Vercoulen,

This is very interesting and just wanted to comment here to confirm your findings.

I could not get around the issue with the available properties for XmlToRecordList. The only way out was by ensuring all elements in the to be unique in the xml.

Would be interesting to see what the component creator may have to suggest in terms of using existing properties or a future updated component version to deal with this scenario.



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