Accessing Mobile App when servers are down
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11.9.0 (Build 17011)

Hi all,

I was trying to evaluate the offline capabilities of our Android Mobile application, and with that purpose we were testing the following scenarios:

- Mobile device with no connectivity opening the app (FE Ok): Te app opens correctly and we reach the Login screen

- Mobile device with connectivity opening the app (FE Down): When the communication with the servers is not possible, when opening the app it crashes with an unhandled 503 error:

2021-06-03 09:43:28.811 13554-13661/? E/ErrorScreen: [ErrorScreen] Request failed with status 503
{"DeviceModel":"SM-A530F","DeviceUUID":"339bxxxxx78cf","OperatingSystem":"Android 9","NativeShell":"8.4.9","AppVersionCode":"169","AppVersionName":"4.42.1","NetworkStatus":"Online","NetworkType":"LTE","Cordova":"8.1.0","Client Runtime Packages":"client-runtime-core= 1.3.1;"}

This error is not handled by the general exception handler of the app, so we assume this is a call performed to the server by OS, probably to check if the app needs to be updated. (Any way to confirm this??)

In the first scenario, where device is offline but our FE are reachable, we see similar error, but it's correctly handled and the app is not crashing:

2021-06-03 15:36:13.157 22256-22380/? E/OSHttp: Failed to send request due to unexpected error: Unable to resolve host "": No address associated with hostname
{"DeviceModel":"SM-A530F","DeviceUUID":"339bxxxxx78cf","OperatingSystem":"Android 9","NativeShell":"8.4.9","AppVersionCode":"169","AppVersionName":"4.42.1","NetworkStatus":"Offline","Cordova":"8.1.0"}

Any advice to solve this?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Alfredo,

If your screen has not an anonymous role then a user needs to be authenticated, for that you need an online connection.

After the user is authenticated and you developed you application to work offline no internet connection is needed to start and use the app.



Hi Daniel, 

Thanks for the answer. Both the Splash and Login screen had the anonymous role flag. But the error is previous to the load of the screens. None of the "code" of the app is even executed, the error is raised before. 

The starnge is that when mobile device is airplane mode, it runs and we reach the Login page, but when the servers are offline, this error arises...


It is not about the splash and login, they obviously need to have the anonymous role as the user still has to login. It is about the screen shown after the login. If your app starts and the first screen has a role assigned and the user is not logged in, the login screen will be shown. And for that you need an internet connection.

I think I didn't explain myself clearly, we do not even reach the Splash or the Login. When I try to open the app it just shows a general error page like the attached. We are not doing any Login process, nor navigating to any screen as it's just not opening

Thanks again for the prompt reply!


Did you come up with a solution to this? Been stuck with the same problem

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