how to implement Mobile app timeout incase of inactivity


I am using Session Timeout Plugin - Overview | OutSystems 

here if I mention the timeout as 100 secs then the app timeout after 100secs on the screen irrespective of if I am actively using the app or I am inactive on the app.

But I only want the app to  timeout when user is inactive for more than 100 secs.  


HI Sushree,

There is no concept of session for a mobile app. 

You can try and set the Max Idle Time in Session Login Settings, you define it however in minutes, so its either 60 seconds or 120 seconds. For more info see:



Hi Daniel,

Based on definition of Max idle time-

  • Max Idle Time – Number of minutes between server calls that a user authentication is recognized by the server as being valid.

this wont work if there is no server call and user is just looking at on a particular screen  and doing something which does not require any server call. In that case the app will anyway timeout even if the  the app is not idle right?

Also just curious almost all the mobile apps which has build  so far definitely have inactivity timeout. Its a very common and basic feature for any mobile  

you have any samples from any OS app where app inactivity timeout has implemented?


OS has any straight solution for that?


do we have  any call backs or methods in Out systems which will tell the state of the app or which will tell if the app is being touched/clicked/scrolled ?


Any update on this?

I am looking for a way to detect inactivity in the app, like if user hasn't touched the app for 5 mins I would like to logout the user and send him to login screen.

I usually do this by starting a timer which will logout the user once timer is over and reset the timer when ever there is a touch detected, so how to achieve this in Outsystems?

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