App can't find .dll that is in the resources
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.11.2 (Build 43109)

I used integration studio to integrate custom c# code.

My web application throws an exception ( System.Reflection.TargetInvocationException) with this error "System.DllNotFoundException: Failed to find library "leptonica-1.80.0.dll" for platform x64.", even though i have that same dll in the resources (as i have confirmed in the service center "\Source\NET\Bin\x64\leptonica-1.80.0.dll ").

Hi @Lucas Silva 

Let's start by checking if the dll is greyed out (excluded) or not (included)? If excluded, then you can right click it and include it. Would be great if you can share a screenshot of the Resources folder.



Hello AJ, and thank you for your answer.

The dll is not greyed out. I will add a screenshot of the resources folder.Again, thank you.

Yes that screenshot looks good. Next steps:

1) please right click on the 'x64' folder and then click on 'Open'. Confirm if the leptonica dll is actually in the temp folder.

If the dll is missing in the temp folder that opens in the above step, then you just need to build the solution in Visual Studio and then come back to Integration Studio and publish again.

2) If all's well with the above, let's confirm the dll also exists in the 'packages' folder shown below:



Both dll's are in the folderAnd in the package they were grey, i included them, they are also present in the folder and i still get the same error.

Thank you for your patience,

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