Any way to implement Navigation breadcrumb automatically with links?
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Hi Team,

I am looking for a solution regarding navigation Breadcrumb. What I have seen is, everytime we create a page we need to add a navigation breadcrumb tool, then add expressions in it and then link it to the corresponding title page. So, is there any automatic or dynamic solution for this? Means rather than adding breadcrumb and links everytime, is there any way to apply breadcrumb to the main layout and then when me make a new page the breadcrumb will get automatically updated with the navigation and will create a link.?

Thanks in advance...

Hello @Aditya Chinchole 

If you want, you can create a clone of BreadCrumbs, and insert on the placeholders the expressions and links, and then on the layout that is referenced on your theme, you put on the placeholder breadcrumbs the custom component/block breadcrumbs that you created with the links.

Everytime you create a new screen, that custom breadcrumbs comes too, to your screen

Kind Regards,

Márcio C.

Thanks for your idea  Marcio, But will that lead to assignment of links automatically?

No, you don't get the assignment of links automatically. Unfortunately, I cannot see and if it is possible :(

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