Share your ECT love

Hi everyone,
With a bit of the Valentine's spirit in the air here at OutSystems, we sent you all the Love Meter, so you could have a bit of fun and share the love.

What we weren't expecting was what Kristin Madl, from OrthoKinematics, sent us using ECT:

Is this the coolest ECT ever or what - a love message to OutSystems!
Since we're sure you have stories of your own from your loving customers, we have decided to open up a small competition for you to share the best ECT reports you've ever received, and have the chance to win some OutSystems swag.
The submissions can be compliments to your great work, to your applications, to the Agile Platform in general, "wow" moments, or genuinely fun things you've had reported to you in your projects by your customers or colleagues.
Bear in mind that, since you're submitting your projects' ECTs to a public forum, you need to ask permission to your customers before doing so, and make sure to blur out all sensitive information from the screen capture.
This thread and the contest will be open 'til March 28th, so you all got 5 whole weeks to share your ECTs here so... have fun with it! :)
Paulo Tavares

I know it is not an ECT. But I think it also shows the Love ;) 

Thanks Muhammad! We all love OutSystems!


I don't have any screenshots, but following in Miguel's footsteps...

I was doing a walkthrough with a customer on a screenshare last week, and he had some specific feedback for changes. He watched as I did them, and was stunned at how quickly they were done.

Similarly, working with another customer, they are positively shocked at the speed and quality of development that is being done.

The agreement amongst my customers is that the extreme speed of development... not just the initial work, but the changes, and lack of bugs, is far beyond expectations.