Is there Maximum limit for showing list using list widget
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Hi All

In reactive application Is there any maximum limit for showing list using list widget. Because I want to show more than 300 records using the outsystems list widget. I have list in local variable (structure not aggregate) and it has 366 records but in UI some records are missing and it shows below 300  records only. when I debugged it, the local variable source list have 366 records correctly.

Thanks in advance 

I think not, just if you put the number on the property of the max records. Check what max records are you putting on the list record pls



Kindly note the scenerio

1)Fetched data from aggregate which has 366 records and assign it to List structure local variable.

2)Sent this list which has 360 records to block in other module through input parameter which has list widget and assign source of the list to local variable .

3)When I debugged and checked this local variable, I has 366 record there.

4)But in UI it shows below 300 records and some where missing and there was blank space .

5)I have implemented search in this list and whenever I searched the missing records,it shows up.

6)Its not an UI issue as I inspected and checked no div element was created for missing element.

7)And when i click Inspect the missing records shows up.

Can you share the OML? Please, if you can do it :)

Hello Pratoshwar

Good day!

I have created one sample with 360 results with both Table and List. It seems working fine to me. 

Please look: 

I have fetched data with an Aggregator 

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