What should I inventory before building a new functionality?
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I'd like some sort of checklist that I have to go through in chronological order to make sure I've thought of all facets in preparation for building a new functionality. 

For example,
Step 1: which data do I want to use and whether can I store it in the database?
Step 2: Etc.

I hope that a checklist can help me to not forget anything in preparation for building so that I can start working on a functionality within the most efficient possible time (which can be better estimated as a result).

Hi @Maurice 

Hope you are doing well.

So, I'm not an expertise in the matter, but I've worked in some projects already.

So, if the functionality is a screen itself, and you have the design (mockups, prototypes) is easier to visualize what you are going to do. Otherwize it will be a bit different since you have to imagine how things are going to be.

I will try to give you examples on going, these more applied to OutSystems.

  • Do I have a mockup? Do I need to create it?
  • What's the goal of this functionality (Ex.:In this screen I want to list all beers that I have, with filters and sorts. It will have to have a link to Beer_Detail also.)
  • Which tables I will need to have (Ex.: Beer, Brand, Country)
  • What fields do I need to Use (Ex.: Beer name, Brand name, Country name, Quantity)
  • Can I connect them easily? (Ex.:If a simple aggregate can do the job, or must use SQL)
  • What actions do I need to create (Ex.: Do I need to change data? Do I need to bring data from other core?)
  • Estimate a time you will take to complete the task(This is more on a company level) (Ex.: 2 hours will be enought to make this)
  • Hands on the job.
  • Divide the goal in small tasks (Ex.: First I will create the screen and source the data to the screen. Secondly list the beers and apply the necessary sorts. Next, add the text inputs, checkbox, dropdowns to the filters. To end, create the Beer_Detail screen and connect them)
  • Test your functionality the best you can.


|João Ascensão

Hello, to add more info. If you have mockups you have to isolate all the elements and sections you will need, and check with the OutSystems UI Patterns if the patterns on the mockups already exist you can reuse, if not you will need to create.

If the screens have different sections or blocks than the layouts from OutSystems, you will need to create the layouts, i.e, a custom layout

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EZK1bl-WeIg - Create a layout

A little example also,

You can see a header, the main content, a footer, and on the main content a right side(a 2 column, where you can create a block to that or use the component 2 columns on the block main content).

And that's it. After that, you just need to customize(CSS) your layout and the components inside the layout.


Márcio C

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