[Sharepoint Connector] [Token Type is not allowed]
Forge component by Chris Johnson

Hi folks,

Im trying to implement the sharepoint integration with OS. I have used Miguel Verdasco component (https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/4114/sharepoint-connector) which was based on Chris Johnson article (https://kolaberate.com/Articles/2018/08/22/integrating-sharepoint-with-outsystems/ ) and im having some troubles to implement it.

Im using my personal OS envirnment and personal sharepoint.


In Sharepoint:

I have registered the add-in and granted the fullcontrol permission to it

On PostMan when i try to get the access token, i get the respective token:

But when I try to use it, it gives this error

What should be wrong?

Thank you  guys!

Luís Carmo


Hi Luís,

Please check out this article, maybe Atupal and Granger's suggestions work for you?



Its working sweet!!! Thank you very much

That's fantastic Luis! If you have confirmed it from your end, please do tag the post as Solved to guide others who encounter the same issue. Appreciate it,



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