How to create ComboBox that can be dropdown as well as freely entered
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How to create combobox that can be dropdown as well as freely entered (Traditional web/ Reactive web)

Hi @Toto 

Thank you for your reply

From this Dropdown Search Widget  ,I can able to search the value from the list

But I want input and save the value and select the value on the combobox.

Do you know how to do it?

Hi @Dilmi Hashara Amarasingha ,

You can use Outsystems UI, Dropdown Widget for this in Traditional

First you have to create simple page ( entering input and save) and this entity you can use in above link steps. 


While using dropdown or dropdown select, we usually store the ID of the value that we select in the dropdown.

So, it is not possible to enter a free text, if your desired value is not present in the dropdown.

The work around for this is to have a value, lets say 'Others' in the set of dropdown values, and if Users select that option in dropdown, you can make them enter a free text in a New input widget (which will only be shown, if 'Others' value is selected in dropdown) that can be stored in a separate attribute of same entity (that means, that extra attribute will only have data, for those entries where 'Others' option is selected in the dropdown).

Hope this helps.

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