Announcing the launch of Agile Platform 5.0 for Java EE

We’re proud to announce the release of the Java EE version of the Agile Platform 5.0. Our customers who use the Java EE stack can now take advantage of the key enhancements of the Agile Platform 5.0.

Business Process Technology

One of the key achievements in 5.0 is the addition of Business Processes Technology. The Agile Platform for Java EE now unifies the two lifecycles of application development and business process management within a single, integrated environment. The new Embedded Process Automation and a new TaskBox will allow IT to streamline the deployment of new and changed business processes. Finally, the new Business Activity Monitoring module provides key performance indicators so that you can identify which process changes can lead to improved performance. 

Check out the BPT technology in action in the Model business processes & workflows demo.

Productivity Improvements

These features are complemented by a large number of important productivity improvements. We have made several enhancements, such as TrueChange On The Fly that now allows real-time validation of the eSpace; both Find and Find Usages now extend to all eSpace elements; an automated rebinding mechanism that automatically replaces a deleted element with a new one; a new Web Editor providing a clearer and more intuitive design through improved WYSIWYG, an improved multilingual support into Service Studio to simplify all translation operations; less 1-Click Publishes required, dramatically faster load and save of eSpaces, and many other additional improvements.

Check out this thread in our forums which has a bunch of short but very cool demos highlighting some of these features.

Technology Update

Last but not least, we have updated the underlying technology stack. The Agile Platform 5.0 for Java EE now supports Oracle 11gR2, JBoss Community 5.1 (a.k.a. 5.1.0.GA) and JBoss 5.1 Enterprise Application Platform. The latter update now enables our customers access to an application server with enhanced stability and with enterprise grade support by RedHat. Improved support for Oracle RAC failover configurations has also been added in this version with full support for Oracle FCF. Instalation has also been made considerably easier in this version with full support for a yum based installation.

Download the full system requirements datasheet to see all details. 

Attached to this post you can find the What’s New doc, which describes in detail all enhancements and features in 5.0 for Java EE.

Get started by following the new and improved checklist.

A special thank you to the R&D team and to the beta customers that made this possible.

Pedro Oliveira
"Dude, where are the Java binaries?"

Well, as Pedro referred, do get started with the Platform Server 5.0 - J2EE Installation Checklist document. OutSystems R&D outdone it again!!

You'll be amazed!


Miguel Simões João