[pdfJS Viewer Reactive] Invalid PDF Structure message at rendering PDF
Forge component by Eduardo Jauch
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Hello Outsystems forum,

We've been using this PDF JS viewer reactive for our production mobile app, and it runs well from the initial release. Suddenly it stopped working and shows this message whenever it loads a PDF file:

We haven't found the issue yet regarding this error, here are several notes that I can provide for troubleshoot:

  • The PDF file binary are stored in Outsystems entity
  • The URL to load the PDF works fine, and the PDF can be downloaded from web browser
  • Recent activity in the production we've added SSL pinning plugin for security improvement
  • We are using the latest PDF JS reactive component from Outsystems forge
  • We tried to create a dummy mobile app, it works fine so our environment and the forge component most likely safe

So my questions are could it be one of the plugins/component in our production app conflicted with this component? Do we need to update the PDF JS manually from repo? Or there are some configurations in the component itself that could fix the problem?

Thanks before

Found the issue, it was conflicted with our SSL pinning plugin version:


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