[OneSignal Plugin Sample] OneSignal Plugin Sample not working
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Please help me implement OneSignal push notifications. I installed OneSignal Plugin Sample and configured the onesignal platform and firebase as shown in the link: 


In the sample app, I replace AppIdentifier, AppId, and restAPIKey of site properties with my personal credentials.

The is not showing push notifications.


Hi Shivam,

In ServiceCenter -> Monitoring -> Integrations log you will be able to see the detail of the integrations with OneSignal.

Are you getting any error?

Please consider to debug the logic being executed in your mobile application and double check if you are registering your devices successfully. That logic is done in the sample by making use of the LocalSetting local storage entity that is supposed to be filled with the values retrieved by the site properties.

Please review this logic that is called On Application Ready and SyncOnLogin logic.

Please check the if you filled properly the Site Properties, and check the usage of the LocalSetting (Local Storage Entity):

This logic is important because it will be responsible to hold the right values for the Register and RegisterWithUser actions that are called during login and application ready events.

Hope this helps you!

Thankyou for prompt reply.

The OneSignal Plugin Sample was not working for me. 

However, I have successfully implemented the OneSignal plugin and API in my application directly which is working.

Thanks for the feedback!

Hope the sample was useful to at least guide you during the implementation details.

Yes, the sample application helped in implementing different logic flows.

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