Company or personal email address for Outsystems account?

I recently left a company with which I started using Outsystems, so I changed my email on my profile to my personal email. Worked like a charm. Now I am starting a contract with another company, and debating whether to create a new company-based account with my work email, while keeping my personal profile for certifications, etc. Any other contractors out there? What do you do?

Hi Joseph,

the OutSystems community account is personal, therefore... I use personal e-mail. There's no point to create 2 accounts either.


Hi Joseph,

I understand your point and I do have my community activity related to my personal account (forum activity, certificates, components, etc.).

I also have an account for my work account where I have the rights for the client's infrastructure of my company. I find it preferable to have the professional email associated with the support cases and infrastructure accesses of the customer since I'm there as a consultant. Imagine a client seeing there is accoutn with the Administrator rights or so, it's suspicious and doesn't look professional in my opinion. 

In this way, if I leave the company, my email is shut down and therefore no pending accesses still get hanged on my personal account but I still have my personal email rich with my certifications, accomplishments and so on.

Kind Regards,

With the perspective of having admin permissions I agree a 2nd professional account is useful.


I didn't know if it would cause problems to have multiple Outsystems accounts. Sounds like it is commonplace. I will stick with your suggestions and keep my certifications, etc., on my personal account. I do hate having to guess how many employees and how much revenue a company I am contracting for makes for the company accounts, but, oh well. 



I have my work email as community account.

Had it with the two prior companies too, you can change the email in your profile without any problems. No need for multiple accounts.

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