Create a Time Counter


I need to create a time counter that goes down and when the time runs out I block the action that the user is performing. Example: 30h:00m - 29h:59m and so on.

Any suggestion?

Thank you.


Hi Sara,

You can do this very easily with JavaScript on the OnReady event, to trigger a client action after X amount of seconds. Then on the client action you do your logic.

Take a look at the demo in attachment, where I change the value of a variable to False to disable a button.

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This is cool. Thank you.

But what I need is something like a clock that shows the countdown.

I did this..

Hi Sara,

As per your requirement. I have created a sample oml and also Url is attached below

for more reference

Hope it helps!




Hi @sara silva,

Try some forge components , mention in attached image. if this is not work then create a new action for reduce time. For that you have to go through in detail about countdown timer logic 



Hi Sara,

You can try this forge component, I think this is what you need

Thank you for the help!!

Hi Sara, This might help you...

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