How to avoid duplicate records
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Hi All,

I have a screen where I am saving 25+ fields in Customer entity. When I click on Save button it takes times to save it. But meanwhile if I re click or double click on SAVE button then same record saved in my entity. I don't understand how to avoid this.

Please guide me here.



Hi Khris,

I don't know the exact use case that you are implementing but one simple way to avoid re-clicking on the button while request is in progress is by either disabling it or using a Button Loading widget.


You can always use the entity property index

or like @Nikhil Gaur said, on click the button, lock the button and wait for the process of "saving" to finish and then enable again

Hi Khris,

As Nikhil Gaur suggested you can avoid multiple clicking on button.

You can try with the solution mentioned in the above link.



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