[Howler JS - Javascript Audio player] How to upload audio and play it in Reactive? (Newbie here :)
Forge component by Bruno Machado
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I was able to upload audio binary from the upload widget, but I couldn't find a way to use it in audio player or something. I tried to use Howler component from forge, but it requires URL instead of binary.. then again, how can I convert Binary to URL!

Hi @Ahmad Abushammala @Ahmad Abushammala ,

Please check with the following link 

Streaming Audio And Video - Overview | OutSystems 

There might be other forge components available on outsystem. Do Check

Hello @PSS ,

Thanks for the reply.
This component is for Mobile, not Reactive.

Right but just get install that component and use service into your reactive component by dependency

Hello Ahmed, this component is for Reactive as well.


i've uploaded the demo of it. Please let me know if it helps

Hello Bruno,

The demo uses a file from Resources, not from binary attribute.

The requirement of my app is the user be able to upload and play videos and audio files.. and these binary files (attributes) should be saved in the database.

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