Open application from excel file link.

We copy and paste the applicaiton link from browser to Excel file, then send it to our client. but when they clicked the link it goes to login page even they already login. Upon replicating the issue I noticed that when I paste the link on Outlook it is working since Outlook is a web based, but we need to open the link from excel file. Ibelieve this is a session issue since the value of GetUserId() is 0 when we open the link from Excel file. But it returns a value when opening the link from Outlook. Anyone here experience the same issue?

Hi @Paul John Cezar

Have a few questions to understand your situation. 

  1. Is the client internal or external?
  2. What kind of authentication is being used. Is this a Single Sign On application (SSO)?
  3. Does the client already have a username/password for use?
    • If yes, is the client able to log in successfully after entering the credentials?
    • You mentioned "...when they clicked the link it goes to login page even they already login ..." - Is the client caught in a loop and unable to login successfully at all?




Hi Paul,

This doesn't seem logical to me. It doesn't matter if you open the link in browser, application like excel or even copy paste in your browser address bar. If you logged in previously, you will get the correct user when you call GetUserId() (if session is still valid) as session doesn't depend from where you opened the link.

What I can think of here is that if you open the link through Outlook (in your browser, lets say Google Chrome) it opens the link in same browser where you are logged in but when you click on the link in excel it opens a different browser (if you have any other browser as default, Usually Edge in Windows machines) where there is no active session. 

Just a wild guess :)

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