Print labels starting on a specific location on an A4 page

Hello all,
I have a customer table with name and address information.
It would like to make a selection from the list and print address labels on an A4 label page.
The challenge is to start the first selected address in the first available label location on the A4 page.
So I have to put the printing on a specific “row” and “column” on the paper.
Does anybody have best practices for this question?
With best regards,
Bert Leibbrand                                   <><
Hi Bert, and welcome to the OutSystems community forums. Five years but still your first post :)

Direct "print from browser" process for web applications it's always tricky...Printing labels from a browser webpage will require some effort to correctly map your A4 physical lable size/position and your webpage objects position and size, hence, start printing some dummy divs with differente widths in some regular A4 page to manually find the ideal "grid size". After this, i'll indicate the usage of a native ListRecord widget with your "repeatable" label information to be populated for print.

You also have to control the number of columns and lines to be printed...but it's all easily achievable with a simple ListRecord and some CSS work. 

Hope it helps you!

Rafael Pereira
Hi Bert,

There have been some topics on printing in the past, though none with best practices for what you are trying to achieve.

Check the following, since they might help:

There are also some issues with CSS and printing, sometimes.

An alternative would be for you to generate a PDF first, and then print the PDF, but I'm not sure if that would also solve your problems.

Above all, I would say that the only way for you to get the result you're looking for is through lots of trial and error...

I hope these help. Let us know how it goes!


Paulo Tavares