Want to Achieve Up and Down arrow icons in EncodeHTML using Outsystems

Hello Everyone,

I want to achieve scenario as below.

1. MTD actual  >  MTD Target= Green Arrow will be shown in Variance column

2. MTD actual  <  MTD Target= Red Arrow will be shown in Variance column

Note: This structure is created using EnCodeHTML

    <td><span title="""+EncodeHtml("Sample Test")+""">"+EncodeHtml()+"</span></td>
    (I want to achieve arrow on this line)


Please take look a below screen shot for the same

Thanks in advance



Why you want to do it like this, while this is so easily doable with just OutSystems widgets? No custom html needed.



My TL has built this and wants me to place my code on this.


That doesn't make my question less relevant, without any further context it doesn't sound the best way to implement this like that as you don't utilize the lowcode capabilities of OutSystems.

Furthermore if you have TL telling you to do it like this, he or she should explain you how to do it if you don't know. Being a TL one also has a coaching responsibility.

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