how to limit tags in DropDownTags widget
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Hi All,

I want to add only 5 TAGS in DropDownTAG widget. I tried some logic but selected tag added. Instead if I add more than 5 TAGS then I want to display an error message as soon I select. 

Then I want to SAVE all added TAGS into Entity. 



Hello Khris

You can achieve this with the Advance format.

Please add max count in Advance Field like "{maxItemCount: 5}"

Hope it will solve your problem. 

Hi Manish,

Now I able to limit 5 tags but how I save it? Currently my loop is saving all items. I only want to save those tags which I selected.


In my opinion the items in Current List should be iterate instead of complete list. the Current List input is created to capture the Selected Values.  

Hello Khris ,

I hope it will be helpful for you .
Please check by below url and attached OML File.




@Rahul, Have you checked the above response which has already answered the original questions and questioner has already accepted that? What is the purpose of sharing exactly same solutions again and again!!!

@Manish Gupta This question is already open in my browser and i saw your reply after submit .

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