How I can display data from RESTful API  into my screen , reactive app

anyone can help me with the GET API, I want to display all universities from an API but on my screen doesn't work 

Hi @rawan m ,

please go through this learning path which is in below, there you will find Exercise Materials 
from here you can find the documents please refer those materials.
I hope this helps.

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Palle Vijay Bhaskar Reddy

i saw this course , thank you 


Hi Rawan,

You can use fetch data from other sources action on screen, call your REST API in this action and assign the response returned by the API to your action output.

This output variable of the action your can use to display data on your screen.

i did exactly like what you show but dose not work 

Hi @rawan m, is a good resource.

If you have followed the available articles and still encounter an issue, then sharing specific details of the issue would help us troubleshoot the root cause.

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Hi @rawan m ,

To expose and consume REST API please follow the links

1) Expose API :

2) Consume API :

Hi @rawan m ,

I'm sharing the steps to do
step-1 :
create Consume GET by Email ID REST Method by API's URL from where you need to get the data,

step-2 :
Create the Data flow action to fetch data from created REST Method with an output of Employee data.

step-3 : 

Create a screen flow to display the Data by given Input EMAIL.

follow these steps to get the data Replace the Employee with Universities as per your Requirement.
for Your reference I'm attaching the OML too.

If this Helps mark it as a solution.

Thanks & Regards,
Palle Vijay Bhaskar Reddy


yes, it works

Hello @rawan m ,

As a first step you need to consume a REST Method based on your Requirement [Ex universities] 

You can find this under Data tab.

After creating REST method , you need to call this method from your screen, for this  you can use Fetch Data From Other Source(As you're using Reactive APP)

If you want to display data in the page load you can go with the above option, otherwise you can create some button or link to get the data from REST method and you can call the REST method from the client action which is hooked to your button/link widget.

Make sure that your Fetch data from other source action's out put variable data type must match with the RESPONSE coming from the REST method.

Now, you can use a table/list widget of your choice and you can bind the out put variable of data coming from the Fetch data from other source method .

Now data get binds to your widget and it displays as expected.

Hope it Helps.

If you need any further assistance please do provide more details, like posting the REST End Point.


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