Set initial ID value of identifier field

Does anyone know if it's possible to define the initial value of the Id field in a new table?

Instead of starting in 1, start in 30 000 for example, and then go 30001, 30002, etc....


Hi Nelson,

with the AutoNumber property as True I think not. There is no parameter for that.

You can create your own AutoNumber logic.



Hi Nelson 

What Jose has said is absolutely right, with the AutoNumber we cannot manage that but Saying "NO" to AutoNumber OS allowed us to manage the ID. Just for example here I created sample logic to set the ID based on length.

Please Note: the Logic of length is not valid, it is Just for example. As if someone deleted the entry from middle of records, it will generate the same ID given to last row. But this is only a walkthrough of what could be done

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