[Advanced Excel] When I download the WorkBook where I added Sheets, all sheets are grouped together
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In Resources I have an Excel with only 'sheet1', then through the workBook_AddSheet function, I add 'sheet2' and 'sheet3', and finally, I download the file. When I open the file, all sheets are grouped together (or active), so if I write something in 'sheet1' that value appears in the other sheets.

Is there any way for the file to be exported with only one sheet active?


Hello @Ana Nunes,

Please check the 'IndexWhereToAdd' values when you are creating Sheet2 and Sheet3.

For e.g. if you are setting both of these to '1' then you will end up with the scenario you described.

If your indexing is indeed incorrect, then you just need to either leave this value empty and let the system take care of the indexing OR specifically assign values '2' and '3' to sheet2 and sheet3 respectively. (Sheet1 is automatically assigned an index = 1)

Hope this resolves the issue,



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