Form Valid property is not appearing to validate the input


I have a web block with a form the source record of the form is an aggregate "GetBackFormById".  Inside the form there is a TopAccordion (OutsystemsUIWeb) and in the content of the TopAccordion there are some containers. Each container has a Content`\AccordionItem. In the accordion item I have checkboxes, inputs etc associated with the form record.

For example in one accordion item I have 2 radiobuttons (Yes and No) with the variable set as "Form1.Record.Back_Form.LK_Setted". The LK_Setted datatype is YesNoOption, YesNoOption is a staitc entity with records Yes and No.

In the last accordion item I have a submit button where I want to validate if the form inputs were filled. So I have a if with

BackForm.Record.Back_Form.LK_Setted = NullIdentifier()

And then I have an assign where I want to set the Valid property to False. However it doesnt appear the option to select the valid property for any of the form inputs. 

Do you know what can be the issue?

Hi Boris,

If I understand you correctly, your radio buttons are not selectable? 

Could you perhaps upload a screenshot of what you are running into?



Hi Boris,

one quick check : do your widgets have a name ?


Hi Boris,

I've tested what you said and it looks that the accordion is not allowing to "see" through it.  

I found a weird work around, please test if it works for you.

1st - Give a name to all the widgets (In this case Accordion Accordion Items and Radio Button).

2nd - Create an input right under the form (at the same level that the accordion) and give it a name

3rd - Assign some value to the input.valid property (You can create a dummy action just for this)

4th - Drag the input to the same level that the radio button

All the widgets should now be visible and you can delete the input.

Please tell me if it worked for you.

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