[Outsystems to Teams] Webhook rest integration to Teams not formed well
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Forge component by Joey Moree


Thanks for creating this component. I've installed it and ran into an issue on my first try.

This issue is caused by the way the webhook REST integration is set up. The rest integration expects the base URL to be like this:


Unfortunately, the teams webhook URL that I get seems to be formed like this:


I can change the base URL in the REST integration in Servicecenter, but part of the path is specified in the REST method itself, making it impossible to bypass this without a local code change. It would be nice if this change makes it way back to the Forge component.

The fix is very simple; change the Postmessage method's URL path from /webhook/{Webhook} to /{Webhook}. Then consumers are able to specify their base url in the Integration settings and the webhook specific path in the site property TeamsWebHook



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