[VisJSNetwork] How do I visualize this kind of Nodes and Edges with diagram?
Forge component by Sérgio Sardo

I'd like to know about any good ideas on how to visualize Nodes and Edges like below.

I'm trying to implement it with VisJSNetwork (Forge component)

I have created this kind of Entity like the first image.

MSGlabel_No, DataLabel_No, Rnode_No  as NodeId 

MSGlabel, DataLabel, Rnode as Label

and I want to visualize Nodes of my Entity(NodeSample) as below. 

On Sample_Basic Web screen, I implemented and tried several logics in order to make Node network diagram like above on browser, but it didn't work and I'm in trouble

If you have any good ideas on Logic about this and you are familiar with it, it'd be nice to lend me your expertise.

Also, I have attached my OML for your reference. I'd appreciate it if you could tell me where I'm missing.

I look forward to your advice.





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