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The plugin works fine on my laptop. however fails to scan when opened in chrome on my android phone. Has anyone found a solution to using a barcode scanner for PWAs ?

Hi @Rakesh V,

I'm trying to reproduce the problem, but in my case, only works to QRCode, Barcode nothing happened.

The requirement is to use a PWA app? If you use directly the google chrome (by link) the behaviour is the same?

Thank you.


Thanks a lot for getting back to me. I am building a reactive app that I would want to run on Android & IOS as native. And also on Android/IOS/Web as a PWA. Barcodes for me, it does scan some of them on laptop. But none on my phone.

Thank you.

Hi ,

Have you been able to come up with a solution or alternative option? All I am looking for is a barcode scanning solution for PWAs.

Thank you.


Not yet, I have made some tests but for PWAs it does not work properly :/
I am trying to find other library to use to allow barcode and QR Code scanning for PWAs.

Thank you.

Hi Tiago,

Thanks for this component. It's very useful. Definitely a 5 Star component.QR Code scan is smooth and works perfectly every time. However, I'm facing some issues while scanning Barcode.

I tested using your Demo link:Yesterday, every time it was a success with Barcode scan while today every time was a failure.

I'm using my android handphone (Google pixel 3xl & Pixel 6 & few other android phones) to test. Same results with all.

One observation: Yesterday before scanning, it was showing only 2 options for switching front & back camera.But today, it is showing 4 options. First 3 for front cameras & 1 for back camera.

Can you please help on how to resolve this issue and where to look into ?

Thank you very much for your help in anticipation. 

- Ravi Gupta


This didn't work in Edge or Safari on iPhone either, all it did was show a drop down for a camera selection. Was very hopeful this would let me use a PWA as well. If I figure out an answer I will let you know, but it looks like my tight timeline needs me using a native app instead.



I appreciate that this is working well on my laptop.

However, it does not work on iPhone as PWA, just camera select dropdown is shown, as other folks mentioned almost one year ago.

Any update or progress on this issue? I hope i can do that on iPhone, too.

Thank you.

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