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Hi everybody,

Have you ever heard of yet? offers a simple way to publish and search Jobs inside Outsystems´ World. It's completely free.

Send me feedback and suggestions. But slowly, PHP code isn´t as easy or agile as the outsystems balls.

Enjoy and change for better ;)
An OutSystems jobs site not programmed in OutSystems? Terrible, terrible......just kidding.
Nice work Rui ;)

It's very easy to search an intuitive !!!
Great site. It's very usefull Rui.

Thanks :)

Best regards,

Tiago Reis
Hi guys!

Not only did rui David create the OutSystems Jobs website, but he also was kind enough to share with us a bit of his history in an interview we did a couple of weeks ago.

We've been working on it, and we have just put the interview's transcript up in our About Agility Blog.

I thoroughly recommend you guys read it - not only because it's about the person behind the OutSystems Jobs website, but also because it is a very candid and insightful story about how things have changed in the OutSystems landscape since his first contact with it about 10 years ago until today! You can find the link here: An Agile Career with OutSystems.

I hope you enjoy it and, if you do, do let us know - who knows, it might become a regular feature!


Paulo Tavares

New record has been reached: 150 hits in one day.
Great community

Thanks for all visits

Rui David
Nice site.

and yes, when will it be an Outsystems site ;)
Hi All,

I am an indian.. I am not able to view this site.

Please help me on the same


Hi Sattibabu, 

In the past we had many attacks from India's IPs, those IPs range were temporarily blocked
The problem was fixed now.

I will dedicate a little bit time to rebuild and improve the site

Trying to access the latest job section from Canada "Forbidden - Users from your country are not permitted to browse this site." 
What did Canada do wrong? :(
Canada attacked OutSystemsJobs with no mercy, you... unpeaceful people. :D
Now it seems all IPs from Canada are blocked.
 ..but only on the Latest Jobs, obviously someone is trying to slow our job search down :)
Very cool site.  
Luis Camarena wrote:
Very cool site.  
Outsystemsjobs has the problem of listing offers from companies that write OS in their institutional descrition but not in the opening description.

 The new Community site has an entire section for job offers. Companies will established OS teams will use it and very soon there will be no need to see external sources. Of course outsystemsjobs is still useful to see offers, but I'd check if the company announced here. If they didn't, they are probably starting in OS and 1) they are looking for someone to do a bit of everything 2) they don't know what this is.