How do I set the API key in Google maps - expression editor

I am trying following a Youtube tutorial and just trying to add Google maps for a location. I get this error.

So it seems  that I need to add and API key heren (below) but i have tried to add the API key in the expression editor in many ways to no avail. Seems simple but stumped here>

Hi Alan,

You need to create the Google API key and enable the  required API on google developer console.

Please remember to enable billing option to use APIs multiple times otherwise you will get error on console  that API required billing options enabled in Google developer portal for particular project .

I think now Google has put restrictions on usages of Google map API


I have an API key and have it enabled but I am just trying to enter it into outsystems. I need to know the proper syntax for the expression editor such as


All my expression attempts have not been valid


Hi Alan,

You have to define the API key enclosed within the double quotes ("") as the AddressMap webblock APIKey property value, as shown below. Is this the syntax you are asking for?

Kind regards,

Benjith Sam


Could you please check & share the Browser Console error?

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