iOS App rejected : required App Tracking Transparency permission
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Our iOS application is rejected due to App Tracking Transparency permission.

here is the reply from app store.

The app privacy information you provided in App Store Connect indicates you collect data in order to track the user, including Email Address, Device ID, Name, Other Contact Info, User ID, Phone Number, and Physical Address. However, you do not use App Tracking Transparency to request the user's permission before tracking their activity.

Starting with iOS 14.5, apps on the App Store need to receive the user’s permission through the AppTrackingTransparency framework before collecting data used to track them. This requirement protects the privacy of App Store users.

Solution given by App store.

- If you track users, you must implement App Tracking Transparency and request permission before collecting data used to track. When you resubmit, indicate in the Review Notes where the permission request is located. 

how can i implemented this with outsystems?

This is an issue that needs to be taken care of by OutSystems imo.
it’s weird OutSystems hasn’t said anything about it yet.

This needs to be resolved asap and be standard in the platform since in theory no mobile applictions can go to the app stores since OutSystems does tracking behind the scenes.

There is also no forge component yet. So look at a cordova plugin to integrate while OutSystems finds a solution for it.

I have a new release soon, and we will probably face the same issues, because in our privacy policy and ToS we mentioned the data that’s been tracked, including the ones OutSystems.
I will make a cordova plugin soon i geuss.


This already has been reported to OutSystems by another OutSystems MVP.

Hi Swapnil Shinde, 

The rejection reason indicates that the information provided under "privacy information" puts the app in a situation that, from iOS 14.5 and above, it requires additional things to be done on the app, namely, ask for permission to access specific data or the type of data being collected by that application. 

These privacy changes were introduced by Apple on June 2020 and you can read more information about it on:



Would it be possible to share with me the information that was added into privacy fields to better understand why the rejection occurred? 


> since OutSystems does tracking behind the scenes.

There is no tracking happening behind the scenes from the OutSystems side. OutSystems mobile application generates data, such as logs, that are sent to your environment only, not to OutSystems.


Sorry, I didnt mean that they are send to OutSystems directly, but indeed they are send to your environment for example as logs.
Butin the logs for example, the device type , operating system and other kind of stuff is being logged which also falls under some sort of "tracking".
And not only for logs, but if you debug the network logs from an app there are other things that are being send to your environment. (We had to whitelist those things so the firewall doesn't block them)

So I think we should not underestimate the impact of such new privacy policy and requirements from Apple.

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