Service Studio cannot see localhost, even though it is active and visible from FireFox and my web editor.  How can I see/check/set the Port info that Service Manager is using??
Hi Robert, and welcome to the OutSystems community forums.

I am unsure as to what problem are you experiencing. However, let me suggest a couple of things.

1 - Have you installed the Agile Platform server in your localhost server? You can download it at . After you install it, Service Studio will be able to connect to localhost.

2 - If you have installed the Agile Platform, then it might be a matter of starting the OutSystems services. In your Start menu, go to Programs > OutSystems > Administration Tools > Start Services

If none of these help, do let us know a bit more about what you are experiencing. What exactly do you mean by "Service Studio cannot see localhost"? And what do you mean with "it is active and visible from Firefox and my web editor"?

Service Studio typically uses port 80 to connect to IIS, and ports 12000-12004 to connect with some services.

Let us know if this helps, and should you need something else do let us know as well!


Paulo Tavares


I have a kind of similar problem, the Service Studio Gives me the error "Host: Not found". And i have been using the same URL to enter in the Service Studio.

I am able to access the Service Center, but not the environment in the service studio.

This used to work perfectly and suddenly it became like this and it doesn't work as supposed anymore.

Can you help me?


I have a that problem,how to recovery it

Nelson, your IIS is not running, so nothing will connect to it, try a iisreset in a command line, after that do a start services for OutSystems if you are running OutSystems locally on a server

@Wim: Nelson's message was posted almost a year ago :)

@Jeyasri: You need to specify the URL of your personal environment, so replace "YOUR_PERSONAL" with your actual hostname.