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I have 300+ tables in the dropdown and when selected any of one.. need to check the role, show the data and functionality(CRUD operations) accordingly. Is there any solution which can improve the performance and render the data immediately?

Here are the screenshots for detailed understanding:

List of 300+ tables:

Action flow to render the data and functionalities (more than 300+ conditions):

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Hi Gnana,

If you need to do so many queries to fetch the data, you will want to review the way that you store the data. If you want to have this data fetch quickly, you will want to pre-process and store it in a way that is simple, and thus more performant, to fetch.

On top of that, if the values in those dropdowns change very rarely, you can apply cache to it. The cache will prevent using the processing and database accesses when you're calling the same web block, action, query but of course it adds more value the more the data is static. You can read more about it here.

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Hi João,

Thanks for the response.

Can you please elaborate on how can we change the way we store the data? If you mean to change the structure of the tables, it is not possible in our case as each table have a predefined and its own independent structure.



Hi Ghana,

Where exactly do you encounter a performance problem ?

I would think that this is more of a coding / maintenance problem with having so many if tableX execute sqlX sections.  If I were you I'd try to make that more generic. 


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