Help me with a guide on how to link multiple pages with one button
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Traditional Web

I have a button in my application and wants a situation whereby on click it will open one page (of about three pages depending on need). 

Name of button : EDIT

Pages to connect to on click depending on need:

PaymentDetail page 1

PaymentDetail page 2

PaymentDetail page 3

Please kindly help me with an idea on how to achieve the above. Thanks

Hi Harrison,

  • click on your Edit button, it will create a screen action with the same name
  • In the Edit screen action, create a switch pointing to the screens you want depending on a condition on each branch.

Hi Jose. Thanks. Please, could you kindly guide on on how to set the pages conditions. Like 1 (1=1),   2 (2=2)  and 3 (3=3). 

Please help. Thanks again  

Those are the conditions you need to define for each screen you want to go. Click on the arrow to edit the conditions.

How to set the conditions is my problem. Help please

I don't know what you need...

Why do you go to PaymentDetail page 1?

Why do you go to PaymentDetail page 2?

Why do you go to PaymentDetail page 3?

You need to set the conditions for that.

As you can see in the screenshot, if you click on the switch box you see the options to set the conditions.

Thanks & Regards

Nitish Kumar

I deeply appreciate your efforts. The button is on list page. 

Hello @Harrison

I am not seeing much difference between your current ask and this one that you have tagged as Solved.



Thanks for your response. The difference between the first question and this very one is that the first question button is on detail page while the present one is on list page. The modalities that I implemented on the first question did not work for the second question being that detail page uses ID for preparation while list page preparation is not based on ID.

The issue is that I'm seeking a way to move to multiple detail pages from one list page using either a link or button. Help please

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