[International Telephone Input] iti destroy and init issue
Forge component by Ruben Meireles
Application Type

I am using ITI\InternationalTelephoneInput in 2 screens.

On first screen it works fine but when I navigates to another screen then its not working because when I navigate to another screen it calls the OnReady event with new input widget id and after that it calls the OnDestroy with old input widget id(Previous screen).

After this process it destroy the ITI\InternationalTelephoneInput from my second screen and I am not able to see the flag dropdown on second screen.

How can I solve this problem?....Please help to resolve this.


Hi Arun,

I have resolved the issue in the component and adding oml here, you can use that.

I will check with Ruben (component owner) and get it updated on the forge also.


Thank you sir...I will check it.

Hi Arun,

Like I've answered your private message, I recommend using the new reactive version that can be used in mobile and in web reactive applications. This is an updated version with new functionalities and does not have this problem.

In the future I will update the code of the mobile component to match the reactive version (did not have the time yet).



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