Decommissioning the site


We have one static website( with some html,css ,JS and images files that has been hosted somewhere on Outsystem web-server.We have one module in our Outsystem service studio where we have all required files(html,js etc) and thorugh service studion va 1 click publich we are deploying this site.So now we ahve to decomission this iste so whats the way through which we can do this.We dont have direct access to web servers.SO kindly need assistance on this. 


Hi Tarun,

If you don't want this site to be accessible at all then you can go to the service center (https://<your environmnt url>/ServiceCenter/) -> search and open for your application under factory tab and disable it.

Hi Nikhil,

Thanks for your input.I have one question.Lets say if in future,accidentally someone will enable this module,then whether this site will up and running.That we donot want this.So please clarify.


If you want to avoid that, simply delete the application. You will get the delete option on same application page in service center.

Don't forget to download application as backup, in case you need that in future.

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