Advanced SQL with Alias in Oracle
Oracle Avanced SQL with Aliases

This works:
SELECT {LlbUser}.*
from {LlbUser} 

This doesn't work:

SELECT "Manager".*

from {LlbUser} "Manager"

When copying the query to Oracle SQL Developer after hitting "TEST" (Test fails) everything is fine executing the query in SQL Devoloper.

SELECT "Manager".* 
from  "OSADMIN"."OSUSR_E0J_LLBOSUS5" "Manager"

But Outsystems throws an error.

Any hints?

Regards Alex


Hi Alex,

You can try:

SELECT llb.*
from {LlbUser} llb

Where llb is your alias.

Nonetheless, take into account that alias are error-prone due to a couple of reasons:

  • You don't have syntax validation on the attributes;
  • When using alias with * on SELECT, this eventually can cause a mismatch on the output fields with the output structure (all the fields in the database will be returned and these includes the ones you may have removed from the entity)

Kind Regards,

Hi Alex,

Have you tried putting your alias inside "qoutes"? and/or use the prefix AS like:


I just tested the following query, and this works. You do get errors when using the *, so I suggest you manually add each column you need (and only those) after the "select".

SELECT u.[Name] 
FROM {User} u
WHERE u.[Id] > 10
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