calender widget in a pop-up

calender widget in a pop-up

Hi All,

When I use the calender widget in a small pop-up (say 2 lines high) the calendar  pop-up will pop-up behind the pop-up iframe. Is there a way to set the calendar pop-up on top of my pop-up like the combobox? 

Hope you can help me out


Stephan Schevers
Hi Stephan, and welcome to the OutSystems community forums.

For this you need to resize the popup, check this post after the calendar widget opens, to set the widget at the top on the align property of the calendar widget put "T".

I hope that helps

Hugo Pinheiro 
Hi Hugo,

Thanks for the quick reply. I already had a go with the oml mensioned in the TIp. Unfortunataly this didn't work for me. For the time being I set the flatstyle property of the widget to true. Calender is shown permenantly in my pop-up. It's not as nice as a pop-up but it will do for the moment.
But if anyone has anohter suggestion I'd like to try it.


Stephan Schevers
Hi Stephan,

Well, it would seem that you cannot have the calendar pop-up on top of the pop-up, since the original pop-up is an iFrame, if I'm not mistaken. Being an iFrame, the calendar will also have to be rendered inside that same iFrame area - that's why you get the scrollbars, unfortunately.

I could see some workarounds you could try, namely making the popup's background transparent, and have a white-background on the Edit Records only, and resize the window. Maybe it could give the right impression, though if the shadow still shows for the entire popup, it might look weird...

Well, I hope this has helped somewhat :)


Paulo Tavares
Any news regarding this subject? Any solution?
I just specify dimensions for the popup window in the Popup_Editor that will contain the calendar when it is open. No one seems to notice that the window is a bit taller than it needs to be when it is closed, and it is less strange than seeing the window try to resize when it is opened.

That's our approach. But we've some popups that have, for example, a start date and a end date....and the popup has more 200px than it "should" have. 

If there was a way to "dettach" the calendar from the popup, it would be awesome :)

If not, world goes on! :)

Why does the Calender Widget in Outsystems 9, more then 4 years later still expands under/inside the popup while the combobox perfectly expands on top/outside the popup?