Start is required in Process but I have conditional start?
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11.12.1 (Build 30548)


I've designed a simple process but I can't publish my app because of Start is required in Process1 error. Though it has a conditional start? Is conditional start not a start? Can someone please explain this to me? I need to design a process that is executed upon entity record is created. And also in this process I need to use data from that created record. (id and createdBy)

Hi Gleb,

as far as I understood you want to start a BPT when a record is created. That is the exact logic of a regular BPT, you don't need a Conditional Start.

Set your CreateEntity here and the BPT will start when that happens:


Yeah I've figured it out also. Thanks for replying anyway.

But what is the purpose of conditional start then?

The Conditional Start can occur on a Create but also on a Update. Moreover you can set the Conditional Start to listen to those events only after a particular action of your BPT.

To learn more about BPTs, the online course is very good and explicit: 

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