Where are the session variables stored on the native mobile app?
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Hi All,

I am new to Outsystems.

I think that session variable is stored on browser session(LocalStorage/SessionStorage) in the case of the Web, I wonder where is the session variables are stored on native mobile apps?




Hi Asami,

Sessions are server side variables and it is always stored on server doesn't matter if it is a mobile app or web. What you get to manage at the client side is just the session id which is stored in the browser.

In case of OutSystems mobile apps also because it is a hybrid application based on react so it also runs on a browser in a native shell and keeps these session id in the browser it is running on.

Hi Nikhil

I really appreciate your kind reply.

I understood!
Thank you very much for telling me.



Hello Asami,

There are client variables to storage the browser data or you say client side, and for the server data you will storage that into site property you will be also change site property value through service studio as well. 

for better understanding I have attached the screen shot and for more info you will go through this link


Hope this will helps you. 


Akshay Deshpande.

Hello Akshay,

I really appreciate your kindness.

Thank you for your screenshoto also posting the link.
I'll study!



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