[Face Unlock] Face Unlock with iOS
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11.11.6 (Build 44614)

Hi Everyone,

I have built this small oml to test the Face Unlock Plugin;

Basically when the 'Login' page loads it should show a 'Face Login' button that allows the user to login with face recognition if the device you are using is an iOS device.

The problem is that actually I have an android device, so I cannot test if the logic is working properly.

It would be a great help for me to find someone out there who could try the oml and just give me a feedback if it works or not.

Thanks to anyone who will find some time for my issue.
Kind regards,




Hey Gianmaria,

Better late than never: 
I test it out in an IOS device. It opens the face id and then it gives a message that the authentication was successful after identifying the right face.

Best Regards,

Miguel Amado

Hi Miguel,

sorry I forgot to close the ticket, I have found a colleague who had an iphone and tested the oml back then.

Thank you so much for your feedback!



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